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Project Optimal

The Project Optimal Added Authorizations are offered by the Wiseburn School District in collaboration with the Southwest SELPA, and candidates who successfully complete the program will be recommended to the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing for the Appropriate Added Authorization in Special Education (AASE).

Optimal Accountability Information Database (OAID) (click here)

Foundations in Autism Spectrum Disorders (FASD) (click here)

Designed for Teachers, Administrators, Paraprofessionals, and DIS Providers, Board Members and Parents, the Project Optimal Foundations in Autism Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is a four-part online self-study course providing basic understanding about autism, the legal environment in which schools and districts operate, and the primary instructional interventions currently being employed to help children with autism.  The Foundations in Autism Spectrum Disorders (FASD)  is offered exclusively online and is equivalent to 30 hours of classroom time.  The course is provided in a multimedia format that includes audio and video.  The coursework must be taken sequentially and 90% of quiz answers must be answered correctly in order to pass.


What is Project Optimal?


Mission Statement

Project Optimal is dedicated to ensuring optimal behavioral educational opportunities for all children and their families through collaboration and capacity building.



Project Optimal is a Southwest SELPA project, directed by Kathy Nenneker. Project Optimal’s goals include reviewing various aspects of behavior intervention services provided by public and private agencies to:

  • Increase the use of best practices related to IDEA
  • Increase accountability for student outcomes
  • Improve contracted relationships
  • Create a training continuum to support approved practices
  • Collect and use data to improve practices
  • Develop systems to increase accountability

Project Optimal's approved unit delivering the program is Project Optimal, 240 E. Highway 246, Suite 210, Buelton, CA 93427